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cursor problem please help!!!!!

i am very sorry if this isn't anything you can be bothered about, but if you have any info to impart on it, you will be a figure of myth and legend, and my hero, and there will be a movie about you and it will be huge. or whatever you like, cars, houses... here it is:
just got a toshiba laptop because we had this wretched little compaq (that we will now drive over with an SUV and crush to a fine dust). the compaq had this nefarious little quirk... as you passed the cursor over anything, an icon or text, it would, as IT chose, select said icon (opening things left and right) or said text (highlighting blocks of text) without you clicking on them. it was extraordinarily disruptive, as it did it constantly.
i thought this was just a freakish curse on me, and once the compaq was 86ed, my nerve damage could begin to dissipate. because this just couldn't possibly happen on a new computer, because it can't ever have happened in the first place... because it is just too stupid and bizarre.
so imagine my surprise when the minute i start typing on the brand new toshiba, the very same thing is happening, with the same frequency. i feel like it might have to do with static electricity, i don't even know why i think that, but it's all that comes to me, and i am one of those lucky people who gets violent, bloodcurdling shocks when exiting cars and touching light switches.
do you have any idea? is it very fundamental and i am just ignorant? please, i beg you, any help or advice will be so very very greatly appreciated, thank you thank you so much for any help...

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