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Re: Re: USB Adapter not for Cardbus but 16bit PCMCIA

On Wed, Jan 28, 2004 at 05:23:01PM +0100, Andreas Maurer wrote:
> Hello!
> Actually my story is quite similar to Marcel Meckels. I have two "old"
> notebooks.
> One ist a IBM-Thinkpad 760CD. This one has no USB onboard and only real
> PCMCIA ie 16bit.
> The other is an Acer Extensa 367T. This one is somewhat more modern with usb
> and Cardbus (the 32Bit "PCMCIA")
> Now both of them are alright and could have their uses if I only could find
> a real PCMCIA USB Adapter

I was researching (OK, googling usenet) this a few months back and came 
across a plausable explanation why there are no 16 bit USB adapters. The
poster claimed that the cardbus adapters used the same core chipsets as
the PCI chipsets on mainboards, so it is fairly economical to design a card
using commodity parts. Even though 16 bit PCMCIA has adequate bandwidth for 
USB 1.1, it would require a custom chip set, and the cost would be


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