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Debian, 2.6 kernel and WIFI card on laptop ?


I have asked everywhere I could about that. Nobody until now could find
a solution. So I am trying as a last resort here ;)

Here I have an ACER TM803 laptop running perfectly except one thing:

This is not that important but I prefer to be free and get rid of my
wired ethernet connection when at home.

I use a Debian SID GNU/Linux with a vanilla 2.6.0 kernel. All has been
done accordingly to advice I receive here and there. It has support for
PCMCIA devices, Wireless and orinoco support. So I am using a wireless
driver from the kernel since it worked pretty well under 2.4.x for me.

I also have the wireless tools suite installed and all is done in the
interface files (ie /etc/network/interface).

The Wireless card is Linksys WPC11 running in managed mode.

I think my setup is good since it is the one that used to run under the
2.4.x kernel series.

Problem is that when inserting the card, first I don't ear any 'bip'
sound as it used to do. Then the card is no longer able to connect to
the AP (also by linksys).

I remember that not that far ago, it worked but as I faced problem
keeping the connection up, I gave up and went back at my fidèle wire :)

Now it just doesn't want to connect.

Have anyone any clue I could follow to (at last) have this working ?

Thank you.

P.S: my /etc/init.d/pcmcia script file contains now a 'exit 0' at the
top since I was told that PCMCIA and kernel 2.6.0 was no good. I only
now use hotplug stuff as recommended.

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