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Re: toshiba libretto 100ct

> According to Murray,
> > 
> > does anyone have any pointers on installing debian on this toshiba?  Main
> > hurdles being:
> > 
> > - BIOS driven pcmcia floppy, that will read the first boot floppy only.
> > - no cdrom (bootable or otherwise)
> > 
> > I've got as far as putting openbsd onto the beast, but can't not figure out
> > how to over-write that with debian.  I've been playing with debootstrap, but
> > with very little success.
> > 
> > >From my research, the existing options appear to be (1) have a window
> > parition, install from there using loadin, or (2) rip out the HD, pop it
> > into another machine and install, then replace in laptop.  I'm trying to
> > avoid the Windows option, and I'm not very good with small bits of
> > electronica, so would like to avoid (2) if I can also.

[Richard wrote]
> Probably doesn't help but I installed mine by putting the
> hard drive into another full sized laptop and installing with 
> the built in cd-rom.  Later on after transferring the hard drive 
> over to the Libretto once again I installed whatever else was needed
> with apt-get.

Looks like (2) is known to work on your specific machine.  
I have used it on other floppy and cdrom-challenged mini-notes 
(but never a Libretto) and it does work well.

> > Is there an equivalent of loadin for other *nix's?  Any other ideas?

That would be debootstrap.  Takes longer.

I found the loadlin method (1) quite effective.   I used it on
the HP Omnibook 300 and 800.  If I recall, this is the outline:

(1) Copy loadlin, the kernel, the batch file, the partition
shrinker program (I forget its name), the floppy images, and the 
base tgzs to the hard disk.

(2) optimize the hard drive

(3) restart in DOS-only mode (F8 at the right time, I think)

(4) shrink the FAT partions to small.

(5) start the linux kernel with the root image, set up
partions, networking, install from network.

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