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Re: toshiba libretto 100ct

On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 07:17:32PM +0100, Murray wrote:
> does anyone have any pointers on installing debian on this toshiba?  Main
> hurdles being:
> - BIOS driven pcmcia floppy, that will read the first boot floppy only.
> - no cdrom (bootable or otherwise)
> I've got as far as putting openbsd onto the beast, but can't not figure out
> how to over-write that with debian.  I've been playing with debootstrap, but
> with very little success.
> >From my research, the existing options appear to be (1) have a window
> parition, install from there using loadin, or (2) rip out the HD, pop it
> into another machine and install, then replace in laptop.  I'm trying to
> avoid the Windows option, and I'm not very good with small bits of
> electronica, so would like to avoid (2) if I can also.
> Is there an equivalent of loadin for other *nix's?  Any other ideas?

1.  Get a single disk Linux floppy.
2.  Make some space on HDD.  Format as MS-DOS (VFAT).
3.  Copy all the needed files basedebs.tar and save in VFAT data area.
4.  Boot and install basedebs.tar and few other *.deb.
5.  Kill Windows and format HDD except VFAT data area.
6.  Get basedebs.tar and few other *.deb installed.
7.  Get NIC working.
8.  Full linux system. :)

Why do not you copy needed files in a partit

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