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Re: proper way to eject pcmcia card

According to Cesar Rincon,
> Ipsissima verba tvn:
> > Do I need to run some commands to stop the pcmcia service prior to
> > ejecting the pc card ?  or just press the eject button ?
> I usually do a ``cardctl eject'' before pulling the card out.
> Sometimes I forget about it, never had a problem.  I guess it is
> important for PCMCIA storage devices, rather than just network cards.

For networking do an 'ifdown eth0' before cardctl eject.

For disks, unmount any partitions first.

I have a USB2.0 PCMCIA card, and it works find if powered on
with card in place, but I have not been able to eject it
without error or lockup.  Perhaps that's too bleeding edge.
But the speed sure is nice (external drive is nearly as fast
as internal!).

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