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toshiba libretto 100ct

does anyone have any pointers on installing debian on this toshiba?  Main
hurdles being:

- BIOS driven pcmcia floppy, that will read the first boot floppy only.
- no cdrom (bootable or otherwise)

I've got as far as putting openbsd onto the beast, but can't not figure out
how to over-write that with debian.  I've been playing with debootstrap, but
with very little success.

>From my research, the existing options appear to be (1) have a window
parition, install from there using loadin, or (2) rip out the HD, pop it
into another machine and install, then replace in laptop.  I'm trying to
avoid the Windows option, and I'm not very good with small bits of
electronica, so would like to avoid (2) if I can also.

Is there an equivalent of loadin for other *nix's?  Any other ideas?

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