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gprs connect cards

Hi guys.
I'm writing to ask your opinion on the following.
I've got no phone at home, and I'm thinking about an easy way to connect
my laptop to the internet, at least to read email, when I stay working at
home. My mobile is wap, but I have no cable, plus I have no serial port on
my laptop (presario 700). On the other hand, the other day, I found out
there's this sim card you can stick into a pcmcia connect card and use
gprs protocol to connect to the internet. I'm not sure about the costs of
connection, I'll find out, but for now, I will need some ideas on weather
there's any chance of making the whole thinkg work with linux. Does any of
you have any experience?
If not, does any of you have any alternative idea?
I guess the easiest thing would be buy a gprs mobile phone with usb cable
and use that as a modem, but I've got the same problem: do you know if
that works with Linux?

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