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Re: best laptops for debian linux

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, Olivier Jeulin wrote:

> Stefan Goessling-Reisemann wrote:
> > network card (needed newer kernel 2.4.21), wifi (still not working), modem
> > (work in progress, driver found, installation problems persisting), and
> > maybe a few others.
> Stefan, could you please tell us (especially me) where you found the
> modem driver ? I have a Travelmate 800 and last time I checked, there
> was no driver available...
> Thanks

I found some info here:

Then downloaded the driver, tried to install it. Everything worked up to
the point when I tried to load the module. The char device ttySL0 in /dev
suddenly vanished (!) and the module couldn't be loaded. What the hell
happened? Don't know. Will try to find out later.

Greetings, Stefan

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