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Re: gprs connect cards

Alessandro Speranza <speranza@math.unifi.it> writes:

   I guess the easiest thing would be buy a gprs mobile phone with
   usb cable and use that as a modem, but I've got the same
   problem: do you know if that works with Linux?

this worked fine for me last month in bonasola (near la spezia),
using a sony vaio pcg-r505tl running linux 2.4.21-pre7, through a
siemens gs55 and wind (15euro/month unlimited access package).  i
append the simple script /root/bin/GPRS below to show which kernel
modules were needed; munge to taste.

the data rate was slow but usable.  the cost of the cable was
outrageous (50 euro!), but i suppose worth it in the end.  much
more economical than the pcmcia cards that do the same thing for
data but have no support for voice.



case "$1" in
	set -x
	modprobe pl2303
	modprobe usb-uhci
	pon gprs-wind
	tail -f /var/log/syslog
	# additional logging is now done via /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/favinet-log
	exit 0
	set -x
	poff gprs-wind
	# do not kill the firewall at this time
	exit 0
	echo Usage: GPRS '[start | stop]'
	exit 1

# GPRS ends here

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