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Re: best laptops for debian linux

On Fri, Sep 12, 2003 at 11:19:22AM +0200, Magnus von Koeller wrote:

> well the one basic rule I've set up for my next purchase is this one: 
> Do NOT buy from Dell. Dell does not support Linux and actually does 
> everything to make it as difficult as possible to use. They mess with 
> the BIOS in non-standard ways so that not even the official Windows 
> drivers work anymore (only the drivers from Dell still work).

That is interesting.  Our management recently decided to buy Dell
servers.  We tested installation of different operating systems on
IBM, HP and Dell servers and the Dell-server was the easiest to install
Linux on.  As a Linux system administrator, I tried both Redhat and
Debian (using the bonzai-image) and did not have any installation

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