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Re: How can i cool down my CPU?

On Mon, Jun 30, 2003 at 10:48:19PM +0100, Paulo Lopes wrote:
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>I've a debian woody system and although my system load is low, (i make a 
> >>top and the i get arround 99.3% idle) my laptop burns my legs...
> >
> >You don't mention which hardware, so I can't tell if that's normal (a
> >desktop chip being used in a mobile chassis, perhaps?) or an immediate
> >warning to seek out a laptop repair center.
> >
> It's a clevo 2700C (www.clevo.com.tw)

Sounds like it's this machine right here --

And it seems to be normal to run hot...
> Core logic: SiS630
> Processor PentiumIII 1000Mhz Copermine
> Laptop Bios version from clevo 1.13
> APM Bios 1.2
> APM flags 0x03 (cpu slows on idle)
> ACPI 1.0b (doesn't suspend, does not support S3 state)
> RAM 512Mb
You can only have APM running --or-- ACPI running, not both.  Given how
useful a laptop is when you can suspend it, this suggests APM would be
the thing.

Or else ACPI + software suspend patches.

> >Is this "I can heat my lunch iunder there" warm or "I had to get treated 
> >for
> >welts" hot?
> >
> :-) if i turn it on in the morning i can frie some eggs if i want too :-)

I definitely recommend a lap pillowdesk for this beastie. 

> >If it's an Intel you might be able to get it to speedstep down to its
> >slower mode.
> >
> I've applyed the cpufreq kernel patch and tryed the cpufreqd and it 
> doesn't work, speedstep reports that my processor is not supported
> it ain't a speedstep, it's a Pentium3 Copermine (as it says on 
> /proc/cpuinfo)
Well, then, *that* won't work.   And yes, that's a desktop chip in a
mobile chassis - it'll cook hot dogs for lunch, I'm sure.

You can do things like I already described to make it work a little
less.  I don't recommend Blue Ice (tm) as a lot of water condenses off
of that, and that kind of humidity might create extra fun.   Perhaps you
could visit mailings lists or sites used by people who like to
overclockers - not because you need to do that, a 1 Ghz laptop is quite
speedy, but because, by putting it in this tight a frame, they sort of
already did, and maybe some of the heat sink tricks overclockers have to
use just to not burn out entirely could help you out too.
> Paulo Lopes

Best of luck!

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