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Re: [svlug] Replacing Stolen laptop

On Mon, Jun 23, 2003 at 03:38:29PM -0700, Jeremy Zawodny wrote:
> > 
> > Reccomendations? Units to avoid?
> What price range?  I suspect that'll be a very important factor...

It's kind of hard to get a straight answer out of them on that issue. 
They want me to show that the unit is comprable in features to the one
I lost. The woman at the insurance company I talked to seemed to
expect that there would be some bargaining involved.  I might be able
to say "This unit is comparable to the one I lost and costs $1500, but
I want this one with these features for $2500, will you pay $1500
towards it?".

I noticed that Emperorlinux.com has three laptops in that size range
for around $1900. The Piranha (fujitsu p-2120)  seems pretty nice:

At the moment, what is important to me is:

Able to get the insurance to pay for (most of) it
Runs Linux
Small size
As many dots on the LCD as I can get

The more research I can do, the better argument I can make for
whatever one I want.  Of course, what I would want to do is find
both high and low prices so I can say: This one over here with almost
no features costs $2500, but this other one, with the features I want
is only $1900.


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