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Re: [svlug] Replacing Stolen laptop

* Larry Colen <lrclug@red4est.com> [2003 Jun 23 18:17 -0500]:

> I noticed that Emperorlinux.com has three laptops in that size range
> for around $1900. The Piranha (fujitsu p-2120)  seems pretty nice:
> http://www.emperorlinux.com/piranha.html

It may well be that they sell a very good machine.  One thing about
laptops is that they're very proprietary, so getting parts a few years
down the road is a consideration.  Myself, I've chosen the IBM Thinkpad
series as you can get all manner of parts and accessories on eBay and
the like.

I've found the Thinkpads to be built nearly strong enough to chock the
wheels of an 18 wheeler and they do run Linux rather well.  You may find
it easier to sell your insurance agent on an IBM rather than a brand
they may not have heard of.

Just another thought from the peanut gallery.

- Nate >>

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