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Portable Laptop-Friendly Keyboards


I think I might be in a fairly uncommon situation here.  I have a rather
old laptop, and one of the problems with this laptop (among others ;) )
is its keyboard, which has several broken keys (home row, a few numbers,
some that work *usually*, etc).  When I want to take it somewhere and do
something useful with it, I have to take my laptop, full-size PS/2
keyboard, and docking bay with me.  Of course, it's silly to always be
reaching far over a PS/2 keyboard to play with an eraser-style mouse, so
I bring the external mouse along too.

So I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a good laptop-compatible
keyboard.  My dream keyboard would be USB (if it were PS/2 I'd need my
docking bay), not unnecessarily large, have a built-in
pointing device and maybe a scroll wheel as well.  It'll also
come with a rugged lightweight case and be dirt cheap.  Extra bonus if the Dvorak
keyboard layout is printed on the keys :)

Suggestions appreciated.

Dan Rasmussen
Jabber: dhrasmus@charente.de
Don't forget to submit to your corporate masters, and believe unquestioningly everything the media tells you.

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