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Re: Portable Laptop-Friendly Keyboards

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 21:46, Dan Rasmussen wrote:
> I think I might be in a fairly uncommon situation here.  I have a rather
> old laptop, and one of the problems with this laptop (among others ;) )
[broken keyboard on laptop]
> So I'm wondering if any of you can recommend a good laptop-compatible
> keyboard.  My dream keyboard would be USB (if it were PS/2 I'd need my

It doesn't have a tracking device built in (use an USB mouse for that ?)
But I can really recomment a 'Happy Hacking Keyboard'. I have the ps2
version, but I think they have USB versions as well these days (had mine
for years). They are really small, so handy to take along, and type
really nice (good keypitch, size, pressure).

Using a usb-mouse alongside that should eradicate your need for
keyboards with built-in pointers... ( I only know of a few of those,
most suck extremely, because they use a built-in trackball)

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