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Re: sound issues

I've got the same thing, but happens (in my case) that /dev/dsp  doesn't exist!!! or where should I look? now i'm at the kernel compilation and  if nothing happens install alsa. is there something eles (besides compiling) we can do?. my user was already in the sound group.thanks for bringing this out!!!!

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--- Derek Broughton <dbroughton@netcom.ca> wrote:
>From: "Tim Gunning" <TimG@profero.com>
>> Ive been looking for most of the day but cant seem to find anything that
>> really helps me.
>> When KDE loads I get the "/dev/dsp cannot be opened debian" message, CD's
>Since it says /dev/dsp can't be opened, I'd think the first thing you want to do
>is check the permissions on /dev/dsp.  Typically it's owned by group 'audio' and
>you should be a member of that group to use the sound.
>> play fine though, just nothing else, I tried "modprobe sb esstype=1788"
>CD audio doesn't necessarily use the OS.
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