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Re: Wireless

    "Rodrigo" == Rodrigo Haces Rozada <rodrigo@haces.com.mx> writes:

    Rodrigo> Hi, I have a Sony Vaio GRZ630 with debian 3.0, i have 2
    Rodrigo> issues

    Rodrigo> 1) Wireless, i have a orinoco wireless pcmcia card, it
    Rodrigo> works perfectly, but if my AP have WEP Encryption, i set
    Rodrigo> the key with iwconfig but i cant go into the net, without
    Rodrigo> WEP it works great, anything with this?

Could you send us the exact key (transposed a little bit for secrecy
if you like) and the exact iwconfig command you use? 

I use an Orinoco Silver card with a Vaio N505VE and it works great
with WEP (though I use the 48 bit keys). I suspect you are specifying
the key incorrectly (it is an easy mistake to make, I've done it
several times).


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