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Re: video on toshiba satellite 1800-100 Please Help !!

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James Lafa wrote:
> I have a compaq laptop with a trident card to, but i don't know witch
> one.
> it use 4 mo of my ram and I have le last xfree version too, I am is

I have XFree from stable on Compaq Presario 1200 with Trident CyberBlade/i7d 
(rev 92) using trident driver. It more or less works with SuperVGA resolution 
with TrueColor. However, when in KDE (I have not tested with other WM) I get 
quite often strange rectangles greyish-blackish over some windows. Sometimes 
resizing of the attacked window helps, sometimes scrolling (Konqueror is most 
times a victim), but there does not seem to be any way how to certainly get 
rid off them.

Does anybody have similar problems? Is there any known workaround for it?



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