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Re: Dell cpu speed toggle (was: Temperatur weirdnes)

"Karl E. Jorgensen" <karl@einstein> writes:

> Just for the sake of it I ran the battery down (this time with only one
> battery present):
> The first discharge cycle is at "high" speed : ca 30 minutes, the second
> at "low" speed : ca 55 minutes (log available on request).

I just did the same test on my 2 GHz I4150.  At "high" speed on
battery power (1130 bogomips according to the bogomips program)
the battery lasted 2 hours 55 minutes.  On "low" speed on battery
power (356 bogomips) it only lasted 2 hours 20 minutes!  In both
cases I went until the machine crashed, which happened within a
couple of minutes of when the battery hit 0%.

For the high speed test, the machine was sometimes in light use,
sometimes idle.  For the low speed test, it was completely idle.

So for me, the slow speed is no use.


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