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Re: Problem with daemon when offline

I installed "whereami" and am running exim as daemon.

I modified the /etc/init.d/networking to check whether there is a link
before trying to bring up an adapter to prevent having to wait for DHCP
time-outs.  You can do that by replacing the 
	"ifup -a" 
	"mii-tool eth0 2>&1 | grep "link ok" >/dev/null && ifup eth0"

Next, I have "whereami" detect where I am and, depending on whether or
not I'm connected to a network, set exim to queue mails or set the
smarthost and flush queued mail.

Everything works like a charm and I've never seen Exim slow down
anything.  Must be your exim config indeed.


On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 08:26:26PM +0100, Preben Randhol wrote:
> The default setup if one install exim is that it is not run as a daemon,
> but that inetd runs it when needed, so I have had no problems with the
> laptop either when it is on-line or when I take it with me home and use
> it off-line. However due to that spamassassin and exim eats all my
> memory when I check mail on Monday mornings I got tips as to run both as
> daemons. The problem now is that exim hangs for about 30-60 seconds when
> I boot the system off-line (does not happen on-line) as it tries to do
> DNS lookup I guess. Now what I tried was to install netenv and set it up
> so I have two choices.
> 1) Office setup with network
> 2) Home setup as localhost only
> The problem is that netenv is either buggy or something else is wrong,
> because when I choose the home setup it still get setup like if it was
> the office setup. So I was looking for something that worked.
> Preben

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