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Re: Problem with daemon when offline

From: "Preben Randhol" <randhol@pvv.org>

> Derek Broughton <dbroughton@netcom.ca> wrote on 05/11/2002 (19:01) :

> > I'm betting you need to change some of your local addresses in
> > exim.conf from domain names to IPs.
> No exim runs fine when I have network and also when I don't run it as
> daemon.

Not having ever run it from inetd, I can't answer to that, but how would you
really know if it was slow?

I guarantee that exim slows down when you start it unconnected to a network and
it needs to do dns lookups.  In fact, if you can time the delay to multiples of
30 seconds I'd guarantee that's your problem (because typically that's what it
takes DNS to time-out).  What I can't guarantee is that your configuration is
such that DNS lookups are required.

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