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Re: Problem with daemon when offline

From: "Preben Randhol" <randhol@pvv.org>

> Derek Broughton <dbroughton@netcom.ca> wrote on 05/11/2002 (16:57) :
> > From: "Preben Randhol" <randhol+debian@pvv.org>
> >
> > That's two questions.  I have exim running on mine and I haven't
> > noticed a delay at startup when I'm not on the network, so I'm pretty
> > sure you can avoid that.
> But you are not running it as a daemon you are using inetd I bet.

No.  It runs from /etc/rc2.d/S20exim

I'm betting you need to change some of your local addresses in exim.conf from
domain names to IPs.

Every config option that requires it to check a domain name at startup time is
going to do a DNS lookup.  In particular, I set  "local_domains" and
"host_accept_relay" to use the usual IPs for the laptop (note, you really may
need to rewrite those depending on the network you're attached to).  I changed
one of these specifically because of hearing about this situation - I think it
was "host_accept_relay".

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