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XF86Config for a DECpc 450SLC/e?

I tried to get X up and running on an old DECpc 450SLC/e 486sx laptop,
running woody last night.  I installed the xserver-vga16 package:

I also installed wdm
and then tried starting it using
	/etc/init.d/wdm start

The wdm daemon started, but no login screen appeared.  When I looked
at /var/log/wdm.log, it complained about error in line 250 of
XF86Config.  Line 250 is past the end of the XF86Config file that was
installed when I installed the server.

I'll dig into this file when I got home tonight, but all hints and
pointers of how to configure a 16 colour VGA display are appreciated.


- Steinar

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