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Re: high memory usage in KDE?

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 05:11:16PM -0500, nick phillips wrote:

> loaded into memory and so on. i'm a little concerned about KDE's memory
> usage at the moment. when i boot into KDE, with no applications running, and
> issue the 'top' command, it shows about 95MB used, with 35 MB available.
> one last thing - one process in particular seems to take the most memory,
> which is kdeinit. using 'top', i see about ten instances of kdeinit, each
> using about 5-8% memory. i assume this is part of the kde desktop, but
> should there be so many instances of it?
I cannot comment on the gnome part, or the 10 instances beeing required, but
you have been fooled by the top program, most likely.
Most programs will share memory. Especially true for kde-programs.

Quoting the top manpage:
       RSS  The total amount of physical memory used by  the  task,  in
	kilo-bytes,  is  shown  here.  For ELF processes used library pages
	are counted here, for a.out processes not.
       SHARE The amount of shared memory used by the task is shown in this

Also note that Xfree86's memory usage is counted multiple times/shared.

I honestly don't know how to create more clear mem-usage statistics, but
have a look at free -m (the second line of values count: -/+ buffers/cache)
If someone has other suggestions, I'd love to hear from them :)

I've been fooled by this myself (my wmbubblemon duck died multiple deaths
from drowning, even tough I run the lightweight wmaker :)

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