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RE: Minimum HD space

> Cool! well, since I'm new to debian, for now I would rather have an old
> stable version than to have to put up with 'unstablelessness'. 

I think you did NOT get it. UNSTABLE branch of Debian does NOT mean that
software there is unstable!!! It just means, that some changes in the content
of the brach are made (in the STABLE brach only security updates are made when

> Once I get
> better with it (I plan to learn Python and sharpen my C skills with debian),
> I'll get the current Woody.

You misunderstand it again: it may be actually easier to install Woody.
Software there is much more up to date, so if you have more or less modern
hardware, it can well be that potato(=stable) does not support it. Probably X
is a good example: Potato uses X 3.3.6, whereas Woody - 4.1. A lot of drivers
are added in 4.1, also you do not need to specify modlines in the XF86Config
anymore (for me it was always a headache).

So, the main idea: it may be actually EASIER to install Woody. 
After you succed it will be really easy to keep it up to date using apt-get -
all updated packages will install automatically once you have network!

Anyway: good luck with Debian - it is probably the best choise at the moment.


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