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Re: Dell Inspiron 2500 and potato

Derek Broughton <derek_broughton@hotmail.com> wrote on 14/05/2002
(20:42) :
> It's Dell's fault that the DSDT (a major part of ACPI) is broken.  I'm
> not sure whether it's Dell's or Intel's fault processor limits aren't
> supported.  It's definitely Dell's fault that Thermal and Fan controls
> aren't implemented and that the battery info is broken.  These are all
> things that ACPI has been able to get working on other systems.

Ok I had the impression that it was that the ACPI wasn't mature enough.
Anyway I'm glad I cannot change the fan and termal as I don't want my
laptop to overheat. The battery is not so much needed either as first
the light becomes red and then after 10-15 min it start blinking and
then you know it is time to turn off. :-)

> otoh, APM isn't _broken_ on the i2500 - it doesn't even exist.  It's a
> pure ACPI machine.

OK, but APM used to work on older models of the BIOS


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