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Maestro3 Howto for a Dell i8k?


i'm having a bizarre problem with my Maestro3 card on a dell inspiron 81k.

i've taken off ALSA, which proved to be messing things up for the card, but
now when i boot into debian both my sound.o and maestro3.o modules come up
..however if i manually rmmod then insmod them [only in order] I have
working audio again. modprobing those modules though doesn't work...

modules under lsmod:

maestro3    (unused)
ac97_codec    [maestro3]
soundcore    [maestro3]
sound    (unused)

short of writing a shell script to rmmod then insmod these everytime i want
audio, [i am a musician so this is often] . . . . how can i get my modules
to 'stick'?

thanks in the bank,


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