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Re: Thinkpad 390

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Ivar Alm wrote:

>I have a simple problem with my (rather old by now) IBM Thinkpad 390. Well,
>problem or problem, I cannot get my resolution to exceed 800x600.
>It is very annoying, since the graphics card should support 1024x768, at
>least since it has 2MB of memory.

There are many models of 390. Please check out whether the model number is
- 2626-20U (P-233, 12.1" TFT, 800x600)
- 2626-50U (PII-233, 12.1" TFT, 800x600)
- 2626-70U (PII-266, 14.1" TFT, 1024x768)
It should read on the bottom.

If you have 2626-70U, it has 1024x768 display, the other models can display
that resolution only on an external display. Besides, according to my docs,
your system should have 2.5 MB of memory. If you use a 32 bpp color depth,
it is enough for maximum of 800x600 (so try running X with 16 bpp colors).

>Not internal, it uses the RAM.

I don't understand this sentence: do you mean you're using external

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