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Re: BIOS warning: Fan(s) error on Dell Inspirion 2500

Derek Broughton <derek_broughton@hotmail.com> wrote on 17/04/2002 (08:12) :
> Preben Randhol  wrote:
> > Have anybody experienced that suddenly when you boot BIOS it gives you a
> > warning that there is a Fan error. I got this a lot and I kept turning
> > off the machine without booting and then suddenly it went away. And once
> Never.  My fans don't come on unless I'm working pretty hard.  But I'm
> running kernel 2.4.17 with acpi patches.  Are you using APM or ACPI?
> Interestingly the fans seem to come on almost immediately if I start a high
> load program.  This is completely independent of the supposed fan-control
> support in ACPI because the ACPI bios is broken for fans & thermal.

Extremely odd. When I returned home (to my country) I never get the
error message about the fans again. Perhaps it was because I was at
altitude of 1600 meter above the sea? Thin air an all?


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