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Re: help with Acer TM 621LV

El Lun 22 Abr 2002 18:52, Heather Stern escribió:

> > I'm spanish, sorry if i can't write in english very fine. O:)
> >
> > I have any problems with my new laptop Acer TM621LV:
> >
> > - I can't set Xfree to 1400x1050. Graphics is a i830M. I have debian
> > woody with XFree 4.2.
> clockrate support is from the built-in card;  horizontal sync range and
> vertical refresh range is from the monitor.
> I don't recall that 1400x1050 is a widely known mode so the automatic
> heuristic for "just make up all the VESA standard modes" might not work. 
> In which case all is not lost, but you need to create a modeline, and add
> it to the list of modes it will try to use.

Ok, but how i find a modeline good? I try with many modes, but i can't that 
works. :(

> > - The sound controller is a Avanced Logic AC'97 with chip Intel 82801
> > CA/CAM. Is sopport by the kernel and alsa, but when i listen a song, for
> > example, the system locked. :?
> Ouchie.  Maybe you have an IRQ or DMA channel conflict.  check your CMOS
> for what these think they are, then go poking around your dmesg and
> /etc/modu* for mentions of what it is actually using.  If wrong, fix it,
> and that should help.

Yes, sound controller, ethernet card and modem use the same IRQ. 

> > - Can i do use tv-out? how?
> Uh, maybe, but I haven't so someone else will have to pipe in for that.
> At the simplest, it's just another monitor type available on your fn-keys,
> and the TV in question will have its own hsync and vrefresh range, so
> you'll need another monitor section for it.

Ok, thanks.

Un Saludo,
Pedro Burgos.

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