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Re: help with Acer TM 621LV

On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 05:51:38PM +0200, Pedro Burgos wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm spanish, sorry if i can't write in english very fine. O:)
> I have any problems with my new laptop Acer TM621LV:
> - I can't set Xfree to 1400x1050. Graphics is a i830M. I have debian woody 
> with XFree 4.2.

clockrate support is from the built-in card;  horizontal sync range and 
vertical refresh range is from the monitor.

I don't recall that 1400x1050 is a widely known mode so the automatic heuristic
for "just make up all the VESA standard modes" might not work.  In which case
all is not lost, but you need to create a modeline, and add it to the list
of modes it will try to use.

> - The sound controller is a Avanced Logic AC'97 with chip Intel 82801 CA/CAM. 
> Is sopport by the kernel and alsa, but when i listen a song, for example, the 
> system locked. :?

Ouchie.  Maybe you have an IRQ or DMA channel conflict.  check your CMOS for
what these think they are, then go poking around your dmesg and /etc/modu*
for mentions of what it is actually using.  If wrong, fix it, and that should

> - Can i do use tv-out? how?

Uh, maybe, but I haven't so someone else will have to pipe in for that.
At the simplest, it's just another monitor type available on your fn-keys,
and the TV in question will have its own hsync and vrefresh range, so you'll
need another monitor section for it.

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