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Re: Notebook doesn't wake up from standby

* Riccardo Gusso <grick@tiscalinet.it>, 2002-04-05 19:15 -0500:
> If I put it in standby with 'apm -S' then I can't wake up in any way, nor I 
> can't reach it from my local network by telnet or ssh. Did I miss something 
> when I compiled the kernel 2.4.18 I am using or is there something wrong 
> somewhere else? Btw, I know that my bios is fully acpi compliant, even if I 
> don't know what does this exactly means, so  I installed acpid, but I don't 
> exactly understand what are its relations with apm.
> Bye.
>    Rick

Do you have a partition to suspend to? My Compaq w/ Phoenix BIOS come
with a utility called "lphdisk", of which a GPL'ed and improved
version is available. I've recently deleted and enlarged the
partition because I've added RAM.


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