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Re: Notebook doesn't wake up from standby

On Saturday 06 April 2002 17:12, Alexander Clouter wrote:

> this is not an ACPI issue, whats wrong is that your BIOS (probably) has not
> been set up to 'wake up' on certain interrupt requests.  What you need to
> do is go to your BIOS setup screen and tell the laptop to wake up on a
> keyboard/mouse/etc signal and see if that helps. 

I have looked deep inside my bios, but I found no available settings about 
this. In Power Management section I can only enable/disable power management 
and set the time interval before stopping hard disk, standby and suspending. 

Btw, i have tried also apmsleep; it puts my laptop into suspension mode, but 
then it does not wake up at specified time. I have to wake up it by pressing 
power button of notebook, but then the notebook remains in an unusable state.

> Another issue may be that
> you will need to compile a kernel which interrupts enables during BIOS
> calls, however I reserve my right to be wrong on that one ;)

I' ve enabled and re-built the kernel, but nothing has changed. So, until I 
will find a solution, how can I disable standby and suspension? Is there a 
graphical tool to control apm settings?

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