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Omnibook 800 feature fn-keys [Re: turning off (LCD+) backlight without suspending]

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 10:42:22AM +0200, Mounie G wrote:
>  The good point with HP is the avaibility of the manuals in PDF on Web.

OK, I went looking but couldn't even get to the HP Omnibook
800 page.  The choose product drop box contains only "HP HP
HP" all the way down and a search for "Omnibook 800" gives
only 2 (!) results!.  Can you paste me a URL please?

> For HP800 (in the Windows for Workgroup :-) manual, page 13), 
> you have >  all the "magic" keys. Changing video output is 
> done by FN+PrintSc.

Huh.  First time I hit it, it blanks for a moment and comes
back.  Second time, my screen goes totally blank (I assume
it's driving the signal out the external connector.)  So
this should be using less power since it's not driving the
LCD or the backlight, but driving external (even absent) 
devices can be a little bad for battery power too.  Would be
nice to do it without sending the signal out, but this is a
good trick.  Thanks Greg.

>  FN+PrtSc Selects an external display, both displays simultaneously,
>  or the OmniBook display.

OK, that's probably why I have to hit it twice to get the
LCD to go blank.  Greg comes through again!

> FN Combination Action
>  Displays or hides the Status Panel.

>  FN+HOME, END, PgUp, PgDn
>  Moves the Status Panel to another corner.
>  Increases and decreases the master volume temporarily.
>  Switches the master volume off (mute) or on.

Handy!  (But not as handy as a volume control on your
headphones) ((you know what would really be cool- music
headphones with mic that double as a phone headset- take a
phone call and go back to music))

>  ARROW Adjusts the beeper mix/volume temporarily.
>  FN+TAB Moves a
>  VGA-sized image to the center or to the upper left of thedisplay, or
>  expands it to full size.

OK, this doesn't do anything... wait, ah it affects mode but 
not X.  Maybe it would affect X if it was running in 640x480 mode
(but who would want to?)

>  FN+EQUAL (plus), FN+HYPHEN (minus) Increases the bus speed to normal
>  or decreases the
>  bus speed to half-speed. (Some parallel devices require the slower
>  bus speed.)

Are we talking cardbus?  Parallel adapters in the PCMCIA
slots?  Or does this really mean that this affects the built-in 
parallel port?

>  FN+On/Off If turn-on password protection is active,
>  suspends (turns off) the OmniBook so the password is required at
>  turn-on. FN+F1 ... F12 Starts the assigned application, which you can
>  change.

Any ideas how to capture this in Linux/X?  I tried setting
up a shortcut with bbkeys (blackbox wm's keyboard app) but
hitting Fn-F1 just switches me to console 1.

Thanks again!  This is usefull info.


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