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Re: Thin-X-Client-Laptop

On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 11:14:54AM +0100, Matteo Semplice wrote:
> On Fri, 20 Jul 2001, Schoppitsch Dieter wrote:
> > Hi folks - thanks for all of your hints regarding my problem.
> > I think I am close to the solution - maybe you can help me again?
> > 
> > 	>I want to run X-Applications on my (old) laptop (486; Debian 2.0) while 
> > 	>connected (via PLIP) to the Server (Pentium, Suse 7.1).
> > 
> > Some data of my configuration:
> > * laptop name: boneless
> > * PC name: freeze
> > * username on PC: nutzer

So I take it the apps you want to run reside on freeze but
you want them displayed in the X server on boneless.

> > What I tried (and many variations of that):
> > * start on the laptop (in text mode) "ssh -l nutzer freeze",
> > than change to root with "su" and "cd /root"
> > * in this ssh-channel I tried "export DISPLAY=boneless:0",
> > than "xhost +boneless"
> Hmmmm I don't think that this is what you want to do... I mean that ssh
> doesn't require you to set DISPLAY (nor change permissions with xhost).
> Infact you'll find that DISPLAY on freeze is set to freeze:15.0 or some
> high number that doesn't refer to any real display as sshd fakes a display
> and than channels all the info thorugh the ssh channel.

Depending on your ssh config, you may want to run 
  ssh -X -l nutzer freeze
(The -X tells ssh to set up DISPLAY and forward any X apps
back through the ssh tunnel- some ssh installs do that by
default - make sure freeze's sshd_config is set up to allow
port forwarding too).  In this config you don't need to run 
xhost at all or bother with setting up DISPLAY.

If you really want to do your X without tunneling through
ssh, you need to run xhost +freeze in an xterm on the *laptop*.  
This tells the X display to allow apps from freeze to
display on boneless without the normal magic cookie authentication.
This is considered much less secure than ssh, but for a plip
connection to a laptop with no other networking there's not
much of an issue there.


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