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batch browsing

I browse the web like this:

1. Start with a list of topics
2. Open a google search for each topic and minimize the
window (I don't want to sit and wait like a dummy) (BTW: I
love surfraw but I have to figure out how to make it start
konqueror minimized!)
3. Go back through my google results, and open the most
promising links in a minimized window.

Effectively, my minimized window is my queue and I run a
number of lines of inquiry at a time.

What has this to do with laptops?  Well, I have more time to
read when I'm on the bus on the way to work (I bicycle home
but I feel bicycling to work would be rude to my coworkers
since we don't have a shower at the office).

The point is, I would like to have these interesting sites
snarfed onto my laptop to read offline and then have the
URLs for the interesting links queued up in some way.
I suppose what I need is some kind of trigger from the web
browser.  Maybe an offline web proxy replacement that just
appends the URL to a file and then puts up a page that says
"page request queued".  When I connect back to the web, it
could stop the offline proxy and fire up squid or whatever
normal proxy (or even reconfig the browser for no-proxy?)
and run through the URL file doing a wget for each URL.

So I guess my question is, does anyone know of some handy
way to do offline "depth-first" style web browsing like I've
described, and if not is this something others could use?
And have I made the waters sufficiently muddy?


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