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Re: HP Pavilion N5270 (info requested)

It's a brand new model. I was looking to see if I was going to be the first
brave soul, or if someone else had beat me to it. I was curious if anyone
else had bought one, and played with it. Looks like I'm going to be the
first. Oh the joy. It's not that I mind being the first, but I was hoping
to get some tips befor I being playing with it. The main thing I was
looking for, which might be in the user manual, is nic and modem info,
since they are both built in.

BTW here is the link to the product itself. If anyone wants to know, I
should have it up and running in about a month (still need to order vmware)
I hope.



Oh, one more thing, the stickers on it says it's designed for windows me.
Not sure what parts yet, and I don't want to call hp just yet.

At 03:30 PM 2/12/01 -0800, Heather wrote:
>> Before I asked, I looked at the Archives. I've also checked the Laptop
>> HOWTOs at linux.org, and I've looked at the Linux laptop resource page
>> (http://www.cs.utexas.edu/users/kharker/linux-laptop/), neither of them has
>> anything on the model I have. After looking for the information on my own,
>> I am going to ask the clueful of the list.
>> Has anyone had any experience, good or bad, with the HP Pavilion N5270 and
>> Debian?
>Are you sure this is a laptop?
>I couldn't find anything useful on Google about an HP 5270, whether notebook
>or not, whether Linux or not.  Maybe they only made 4 of it.  I did get lots
>of hits on phone numbers with this suffix, and a Hitachi Visionbook model.
>Either it is incredibly new (but then. why couldn't I find it at HP's own
>site) or old and didn't sell well *at all*.
>> I want to install Debian, with VMWare and Windows 98. I have a software
>> that I need to do my job that only runs under Solaris and Windows. I've
>> decided to go with the windows option so I can play certain games, and
>> Thank you in advance
>> Chris
>If you already have it, you can boot into rescue mode, read us the output
>of lspci, and we can give it our best shot.
>If you don't already have it, and don't have an opportunity to get chipset
>data about it, I recommend getting something else... unless part of the 
>fun for you is figuring out very strange hardware.
>* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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