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Re: HP Pavilion N5270 (info requested)

> It's a brand new model. I was looking to see if I was going to be the first
> brave soul, or if someone else had beat me to it. I was curious if anyone
> else had bought one, and played with it. Looks like I'm going to be the
> first. Oh the joy. It's not that I mind being the first, but I was hoping
> to get some tips befor I being playing with it. The main thing I was
> looking for, which might be in the user manual, is nic and modem info,
> since they are both built in.
> BTW here is the link to the product itself. If anyone wants to know, I
> should have it up and running in about a month (still need to order vmware)
> I hope.
> http://www.hp.com/notebooks/us/eng/products/pavilion_n5270/pavilion_n5270_su
> mmary.htm
> Chris
> Oh, one more thing, the stickers on it says it's designed for windows me.
> Not sure what parts yet, and I don't want to call hp just yet.

Then let's start at their specifications page instead:

where it lists *some* useful data:
 S3 Savage IX 128-bit AGP2X graphics with 3D hardware
	That's the "mobile savage" -- install the SVGA driver, don't
	run it yet, go to S3's website, and find the savage driver
	which is a hacked 3.3.6 SVGA server.  I think you find it under
	the desktop items for Savage 4.

	Probably reports under lspci as "Savage MX/IX"

 8MB dedicated video memory
	good to know in case it doesn't get autodetected.

16-bit Soundblaster Pro Compatible
	that's not terribly useful, but, you can always compile OSS
	support for soundblaster if it's a completely new toy.

	CS4281 (Crystal Sound) is common but not the only hot chip
	in this space.  CS4281 needs 2.2.18 for good behavior, or 2.4.x.

built-in Mini-PCI 56Kbps (V.90) and 10/100 Ethernet
	not terribly helpful either.  See what they report under lspci.
	Realtek has a popular minipair like this but only the ether works
	(excellently).  Marketing may be unclear on the concept and the 
	modem may be normal, or an LTmodem.  EEPro 100 are also available
	as miniPCI these days. 

	You won't get fast IR effects without knowing which controller.
	I'm told the irdatools have a chip detector though.
	Or, if this is firewire, you'll need a 2.4.x kernel.

ACPI 1.0b compliant
	If anyone has a decent way to explain the diff between ACPI revisions,
	we could *really* use some help on the userland acpid.

Touch pad on palm rest with On/Off and Up/Down scroll keys
	Hmmm, depends if they expect software or hardware to drive these.
	Most touchpads are synaptics inside but behave *much* better if
	you ignore that and just treat them like a boring, PS/2 mouse.

Systems diagnostics by HP
e-support provided by HP InstantSupport (download required)
	probably bad.
The software's fairly useless unless you're staying dual boot.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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