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Re: HP Pavilion N5270 addenda

> Oh, one more thing, the stickers on it says it's designed for windows me.

What one of my friends calls "the warning label".  The good news is, if you're
willing to accept the iWinMe license, you can use Control Panel to ask a few
more of these questions - sometimes that's useful.

	Start : Settings : Control Panel : System : (the second tab)

If you see a "modem enumerator" -- you have a winmodem.

Network adapters will list your ethercard, and some other cruft.

You might have to read through the strange things in System Devices to see
your USB hub.  

Sometimes your IR is listed there; the entry under IR Adapter is rarely useful
at all.

Display adapters will list a monitor driver; you get better details from
the deeper tabs under the "Display" icon which is at the same level as

> Not sure what parts yet, and I don't want to call hp just yet.

Well, if you never call to say you've bought it in order to use with Linux,
their marketdroids continue to claim "there's no real Linux market" :(
Among other things, if it's really more evil than we think, you need to make
it clear you're sending it back because it does not follow standards well.

* Heather * star@ many places...

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