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Re: TuxTops Amethyst 20U - CDR errors after suspend/restore

on Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 01:59:10PM -0800, Heather (star@starshine.org) wrote:
> > Hi,
> >"> [First issue, ATAPI reset constantly on the CD bay]
> On that system, the dock connection is not just the pins but two very small
> metal plates.  You have to press down pretty hard to get a solid docking
> connection.  (Think like doing CPR.  It's a hard metal case, it won't break.)
> It should *click* and then it ought to work fine.

The problem doesn't appear until *after* the system's been through at
least one suspend/resume cycle.  After which, the CDR is hosed.  The
list will hear back if this continues.

> > > Second issue is going to be getting this beast up and running under
> > > Debian (I've got a stock 6.2 RH (TuxTopified) install right now).  My
> > > main concerns are apm and sound, with apm being the bigger one.
> > 
> > AFAIK, stock debian kernels are compiled without apm support.
> > Compiling a new one worked for me. Various hints about compilation config
> > should be available in the laptop how-to.
> Actually, incorrect.  I'm tempted to call this one the Most Frequently 
> Qeustioned Answer, in fact.
> Stock debian kernels have apm supprt compiled in, but turned off, because
> an occasional SMP machine or Very Old And Broken BIOS hangs when apm is on.
> *ow*  So this was the compromise they made so a stock kernel would not 
> occasionally "just hang" and cause lots of complaints.  What it really
> means is that more of the complaints come here, where at least, we know what
> the answer is...
> The lilo installer ought to be able to ask something like "are you a laptop"
> and put the right thing in the stanza.  Ooo, a *quickly* closeable wishlist
> item :)

Thankyee much.

> > About sound, it all depends on your sound card/chip : either it is supported
> > in OSS Free drivers, or you have to rely on the Alsa project. Again,
> > including one or the other in your kernel (probably as a module) should do
> > the trick.
> Well, since it isn't an MSwin box right now, it's actually incredibly easy 
> to ask it what the sound is right now :D  lspci and lsmod together ought to
> tell you something.

Neglected to mention this, but, in fact, I'd already swiped a bunch of
data out of /proc, nabbed /etc, and, at Heather's advice, grabbed a slew
of the kernel config files out of /usr/src/linux (now I need to figure
out which one(s) actually correspond to the laptop.

> But it so happens that in the case of this particular model... I have some
> special experience with it <grin> and, since I happen to know you're in my
> area, you should just come by and I'll force it on.  Or better yet, be my 
> ride to the installfest tomorrow and it'll be a done deal !

If I'm your ride, you're going piggieback -- truck's in the shop through

Many thanks again to Heather for on- and off-line support.

> * Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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