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2.4 kernel, problems shutting down eth0 interface

Yesterday I compiled a 2.4 kernel using make-kpkg.  All seems to have gone
well.  I used the pcmcia features in the kernel, and chose not to separately
compile pcmcia modules.  All seems to work well, I boot fine, start up
pcmcia fine, get a dhcp address fine.   However, I do have one problem, I
can't shut down or reboot without cutting the power to the laptop.  When I
try, I get the following error:

"Shutting down PCMCIA services: cardmgrunregister_netdevice waiting for eth0
to become free.  Usage count = 0"

No matter how long I wait, this message keeps popping up every 3-4 seconds.
It doesn't stop, and the rest of the shutdown/reboot process seems to be
waiting for this to finish.  Does anybody have any ideas as to what is going
on?  Also, one other question: I have been using dhcpcd.  In the bootup
process, I now see something that says "pump -r -i eth0 /sbin/ifconfig eth0
down cardmgr".  Don't know what this means, but I do know that I don't have
pump installed on my computer.  Any ideas?

Bryan Walton

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