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Re: TuxTops Amethyst 20U - CDR errors after suspend/restore

> > in OSS Free drivers, or you have to rely on the Alsa project. Again,
> > including one or the other in your kernel (probably as a module) should do
> > the trick.
> Well, since it isn't an MSwin box right now, it's actually incredibly easy 
> to ask it what the sound is right now :D  lspci and lsmod together ought to
> tell you something.
> Of course my mind is fuzzy and I remember which ethernet that one has but 
> forget which sound.  I *think* it's the Aureal 8810, and you need the Aureal
> link kit if you want to cut your own kernel, which probably is on your 
> present RH setup in /usr/src.  If you use the Debian kernel-image package
> of the same version as your RH kit comes with, you should be able to use the
> binary au8810.o module without a problem.

I don't normally like to respond to myself, but, I want to make sure folks 
have it right.

The Amethyst, which Karsten has, has got Intel EEpro ethernet, video is
ATI Rage Mobility P/M, and the sound is Crystal Sound.  so you'll want a
2.2.17 kernel or better, and 2.2.18 or a 2.4.x local build would be *much*
better, because it's pretty raw in 2.2.17.

Whereas the au8810 is what the sound is on their Topaz, and that system, if 
yaou happen to have it :) has the Savage Mobility chipset for video (ow, gotta
use their custom hacked-SVGA instead of the 3.3.6 SVGA server, unless things
have improved), and the Realtek chipset for ethernet.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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