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Re: TuxTops Amethyst 20U - CDR errors after suspend/restore

> Hi,
>"> [First issue, ATAPI reset constantly on the CD bay]

On that system, the dock connection is not just the pins but two very small
metal plates.  You have to press down pretty hard to get a solid docking
connection.  (Think like doing CPR.  It's a hard metal case, it won't break.)
It should *click* and then it ought to work fine.

> > Second issue is going to be getting this beast up and running under
> > Debian (I've got a stock 6.2 RH (TuxTopified) install right now).  My
> > main concerns are apm and sound, with apm being the bigger one.
> AFAIK, stock debian kernels are compiled without apm support.
> Compiling a new one worked for me. Various hints about compilation config
> should be available in the laptop how-to.

Actually, incorrect.  I'm tempted to call this one the Most Frequently 
Qeustioned Answer, in fact.

Stock debian kernels have apm supprt compiled in, but turned off, because
an occasional SMP machine or Very Old And Broken BIOS hangs when apm is on.
*ow*  So this was the compromise they made so a stock kernel would not 
occasionally "just hang" and cause lots of complaints.  What it really
means is that more of the complaints come here, where at least, we know what
the answer is...

The lilo installer ought to be able to ask something like "are you a laptop"
and put the right thing in the stanza.  Ooo, a *quickly* closeable wishlist
item :)

> About sound, it all depends on your sound card/chip : either it is supported
> in OSS Free drivers, or you have to rely on the Alsa project. Again,
> including one or the other in your kernel (probably as a module) should do
> the trick.

Well, since it isn't an MSwin box right now, it's actually incredibly easy 
to ask it what the sound is right now :D  lspci and lsmod together ought to
tell you something.

Of course my mind is fuzzy and I remember which ethernet that one has but 
forget which sound.  I *think* it's the Aureal 8810, and you need the Aureal
link kit if you want to cut your own kernel, which probably is on your 
present RH setup in /usr/src.  If you use the Debian kernel-image package
of the same version as your RH kit comes with, you should be able to use the
binary au8810.o module without a problem.

But it so happens that in the case of this particular model... I have some
special experience with it <grin> and, since I happen to know you're in my
area, you should just come by and I'll force it on.  Or better yet, be my 
ride to the installfest tomorrow and it'll be a done deal !

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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