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Fw: pump: "no extra parameters are expected"

I've got potato 2.2r2 running on a Quantex laptop.

Whenever I insert my ethernet card (Linksys PCMPC100), the drivers for
it load successfully but pump fails to configure it.

In /var/log/daemon.log I see the following:

cardmgr[163]: + /sbin/pump  -i eth0 > /dev/null
cardmgr[163]: + pump: no extra parameters are expected
cardmgr[163]: start cmd exited with status 1

Any idea how to fix this?  I can configure the card manually, or by
running pump by hand, but I would like it to work correctly upon card
insertion.  (Fwiw this also happens if the card is already in the laptop
when I turn it on... not that that makes any difference though.)

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