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Re: strange melting screen when X starts

Once upon a time, I heard name say

> Thanks for everybody's help!
> I've done it. I found an option in my BIOS setup called 'resolution
> expended', and it was enabled by default. I disabled it and the melting
> screen never show again. But there is a trade off. I can only get 640x480
> small screen for text mode now. It's a bit painful. Can I have both full
> screen text mode and a nice X?
Use framebuffer, you will get full screen console mode at 800x600.
With both 2.2 & 2.4 kernel, I pass vga=0x315 as a kernel parameter via
either grub or lilo. Check lilo/grub/kernel document for more info. BTW, it
seems that current kernel shipped with potato already use frame buffer

> And there are still some other problems.
> 1) X can't be killed nicely. After ctrl-alt-backspace or 'exit' 'restart'
> from menu, it will get back to the login screen, and the system hangs up.
> But I can swich to text mode by ctrl-alt-Fx, and can also nicely back to X
> by alt-F7. And it also hangs up at the xdm login screen after comes back
> from suspend mode.
to kill X with xdm use /etc/init.d/xdm stop. And if you have apm compiled
and turned on in the kernel, after suspend, when I use frame buffer, it
should come back as normal.

> 4) I still can't login as a normal user. I guess it's because something
> wrong with my upgrade from 3.3.2 to 4.0.1. For example...
Sth is wrong with your login application, in this case xdm.

> After upgrade, the mouse didn't work until I found some problem in the
> /etc/gpm.conf file. 
> And some X scripts still look for 'xbanner' 'freetemp' programs which
> can't be found in 4.0.1.
apt-get install xbanner :) ofcourse

> The /etc/xinit/xserverrc is a link to itself, and seems never work. Does
> it matter?
> The /etc/init.d/xdm script runs /usr/sbin/parse-xf86config program which
> can not cope with 4.0.1 XF86Config file.
That was old xdm script shiped with 3.3.2 deb that tried to cope with old xdm
behavior that it would restart forever if you have a mess up XF86config
file. the /usr/sbin/parse-xf86config was removed around 3.3.3 or 3.3.4.

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