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Re: Debian on a thinkpad i1540

--- Carlos Hernandez <carlosh@scripta.com.co> wrote:
> I have an IBM thinkpad i-series 1540 with a Netgear FA410tx pcmcia
> card, I
> want to install debian from the net, but I didn't have success
> trying with
> debian 2.1, It didn't recognize the pcmcia card.  Any ideas?

One: as stated in pcmcia docs, check what was the log entry on
insertion of the card into the slot (when you got a high and then low
beep).  Look for entries starting with 'cs:'.  Alternatively, reboot
with card in a slot and check dmesg output.

This way you will get to see what is the name pcmcia package
recognized your card under.  After that check if there is a card like
that in /etc/pcmcia/config.  Now, as Heather mentioned there is a
Netgear card there, it may simply be called differently (TXC instead
of TX).  Try additng an entry with proper card description for your
card and see if cardsoft would recognize it then. (Don't forget to do
'/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart' after you changed config file).

I have installed Debian over the network on my IBM TP770E
(mod.19548), but I went for potato (), not slink.  There was a bit of
a problem with pcmcia package when I've done so (the one included in
boot floppy image was not working), but I simply fetched the .deb
with dependencies, copied it over onto a floppy and dpkg'ed it
manually.  After that everything was just a breeze.

Maybe you should try potato (2.2)?


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