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Re: strange melting screen when X starts

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000 X.Ling@sussex.ac.uk wrote:
> I installed the newest XFree86 4.0.1 on my Debian2.1 laptop recently,
> and now it works. But there are still some problems.
> My laptop is Twinhead Slimnote VX3, Toshiba 12.1" TFT LCD, 800x600 SVGA,
> 2560K VideoRAM, Trident Cyber 9525DVD chip.
> 1) After start up the X, I always get a unreadable colorful screen. It
> melts from the edges to the center of the screen. After doing ctrl-alt-+
> to switch to 800x600 or 640x480 mode, it will be ok. I don't know where
> this colorful screen comes from, since I only have 800x600 and 640x480
> in my XF86Config file.
sounds like your screen has been horizontally overclocked.  This produces
the interesting melting effect you are describing.  If you are vertically
overclocked then you get a few vertical strips scattered
around.  Sometimes hard reboots are required :(

To solve this I recommend looking on the internet (deja or google will
do) and find what specs work for your laptop.  Doesn't matter if the
configuration options come from x version 4 (unlikely) or an old version,
even 3.3.1 would do.  Extract the horizontal and vertical sync values and
place them in your new XF86Config file.  restart x and see what that does.

> 2) After start xdm, I can't login using a normal user account. Only root
> is ok. If I login as others, it will give me that colorful screen. And I
> have to switch to 800x600. Then I am still not logged in.
is xdm running as root?  I'm not sure if this would be the problem however
its an initial guess ;)

> 3) I can't exit from X properly. In xdm, if I click on the 'exit' in the
> pop menu, it will show me the colorful screen again, and more worse,
> keyboard and mouse will stop responding. I have to tune off the power
> and start again.
hopefully option one will fix this as when you exit x is actually
restarted, if I remember, and so your back to as if you ran x for the
first time.

> Yesterday, I tried to change something in XF86Config, and then start
> xdm, the colorful screen became a bit readable. I can see the
> login frame, although it's very ugly. I forgot what I changed. Probable
> the dot clocks and modeline.
again extract the nitty bitty bits from an internet XF86Config file and
see what happens :)

good luck


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