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Re: PCMCIA problem (update)

On Thu, Jul 27, 2000 at 02:06:00PM -0000, Gu?mundur Erlingsson wrote:
> Ok, I've managed to get a bit closer to the root of the problem. When I
> played a bit more with the cardctl utility I found out that the card seems
> to actually have a Asix AX88190 PCI chip, and when I checked the pcmcia-cs
> homepage, it seems support for that chipset was removed a while ago.
> However, I found a linux driver on the Asix homepage. But when I checked the
> readme file it said that the driver was for kernel 2.2.*. I'm running Slink
> with kernel 2.1.36, and since I've not been able to connect to the net I
> can't fetch me a new kernel! So, I was wondering, before I go further, I was
> wondering if anyone had tried this with a 2.1.* kernel.


AX88190 isn't PCI (CardBus) chipset. It's only ISA (PCMCIA 16 bit == PC
CARD) :(

I have two cards with AX88190, I can run one (LNA100B made by Billioton).

There is also a HOWTO in the next address for Addtron AF-680 card


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