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Re: PCMCIA oddities with 2.2.15 on TP 760ED

Just to throw my hat in the ring:
I've  also been having the same pcmcia problems others have described.

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Subject: Re: PCMCIA oddities with 2.2.15 on TP 760ED

> Well gang, I'm at a loss.  I just cannot make this thing work!  I've
> recompiled the kernel and pcmcia-modules per the
> /usr/src/modules/pcmcia-cs/debian/README file.  I built the packages
> twice using make-kpkg once with serial support as a module and the
> other with serial support compiled in.  I still keep getting the same
> weird port assignment (at least I think it's weird) and chat continues
> to fail saying it can't get terminal parameters and reports Input/Output
> error.  I looked at the PCMCIA-HOWTO and found few clues.  Is there
> another FM?
> I guess tomorrow I shall try to get ppp to work with an external modem
> and see if I can get kernel 2.2.14.  At least that worked in the past.
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